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Services Offered

  • Acne and Complexion Treatments
  • Facials and Chemical Peels
  • Skin Cancer and Mole Treatments
  • Wart Removal


  • Radiesse
  • Juvederm
  • Botox

Acne and Complexion
Acne is the term for pimples and complexion problems that occur in young people and some adults. Pimples usually occur on the face but might involve the neck, chest, back and upper arms. Acne is only a skin problem and does not affect your general health.
Warts are simply areas of skin that grow faster than normal due to the presence of the wart virus. Warts are skin-colored and feel rough to the touch. They are most common on the hands, feet and face, but they can grow almost anywhere in the body. They are infectious and some people, especially children, are more susceptible than others.

Skin Cancer
What causes skin cancer? Very simply, sunburn and UV light can damage your skin, and this damage can lead to skin cancer. There are also other determining factors, including heredity and environmental factors. The total amount of sun received over the years and overexposure resulting in sunburn can cause skin cancer. Skin cancer is very slow to develop. The sunburn you receive this week may take 20 years or more to become skin cancer.

Moles are usually harmless collections of pigmented cells on your skin. Moles can appear alone or in multiples. Moles are commonly found on your face, arms and legs. Moles can be present in more obscure locations as well, including on your scalp, under your nails, in your armpits and around your genitals. Most people have multiple moles and the number constantly changes. Most moles appear by young adulthood but might appear up through your mid-adult years. Some moles disappear with advancing age. Moles can become cancerous, so you should keep track of where they appear on your skin and monitor them for changes in appearance and texture, including changes in pigmentation.

Laser Therapy
Our CoolGlide technology does not involve needles and it minimizes any bruising or irritation of the surrounding skin. During the treatment, you may experience a mild to moderate stinging sensation as the pulses of light are delivered to the skin. The stinging sensation will subside rather quickly. A cooling mechanism is built into the hand piece to minimize the discomfort and protect the skin's surface. No local anesthesia or pain medication is necessary, but some may opt to apply a topical anesthetic or ice.         

Hair Removal
Laser therapy uses a sophisticated light energy source for permanent hair reduction. We are able to treat most areas of the body as well as all skin types. Therapy typically requires four to six treatments, which are spread at least four to six weeks apart. In contrast to electrolysis, which involves inserting a needle into each hair follicle, we are able to treat hundreds of hair follicles at one time, thus making it less intense. Also, the procedure is less time consuming.                       

Vein Therapy
Laser therapy delicately uses a heat source to eliminate unwanted blood vessels. Therapy requires two to three treatments, which are spread at least four to six weeks apart. We can treat the very small veins on the face up to the larger veins on the legs. Small vessels usually disappear immediately. Larger vessels, especially those on the legs, often look worse before they look better but will clear up over a matter of weeks or months. Wearing sunscreen regularly will help with the healing process.

Cosmetic Procedures  
Dr. Faith Durden is pleased to offer these fine products to help you look and feel your best:
Juvederm and Radiesse (injectable dermal fillers)
Botox (wrinkle treatment)              
If you need more information, contact our office at 216-378-1880.

Other cosmetic products are available to help with your skin care needs, as we strive to keep your skin at its absolute best. Dr. Faith Durden, FAAD seeks to provide the highest quality of skin care and advanced cosmetic techniques.

Please call 216-378-1880 for an appointment.

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